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AEROGREEN Specialty Cleaners and Degreasers for Aviation, Military, Industrial and Sherwin-Williams - Hi-Lite Solutions, LLC

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Welcome to Hi-Lite Solutions, LLC.

Hi-Lite Solutions manufactures eco-friendly, powerful and very effective, cutting edge cleaning products. Developed by experts with over 20 years of experience in the business, all Hi-Lite Solutions products use water-based technology. They provide an environmentally sound, cost effective and safe solution for cleaning and maintenance professionals in a wide range of industries including commercial, industrial, aviation and the military.

Hi-Lite Solutions AEROGREEN Specialty Cleaners are high performance, quality products, backed up by excellent service. They allow for a 95% reduction in VOC’s, while providing equal or better residue free cleaning performance than the unsafe, toxic cleaning solvents they were designed to replace. Safe for use on all surfaces, AEROGREEN products are user friendly and competitively priced. By offering incredibly efficient and environmentally preferred cleaners and degreasers, Hi-Lite Solutions AEROGREEN Specialty Cleaners provide the industrial world with an opportunity to 'get it clean and to keep it green'.

AEROGREEN Speciality Cleaners...

  • are innovative, water-based technologies
  • are powerful replacements for toxic solvents
  • eco-friendly with 95% VOC reduction
  • help companies meet their ‘Green Mandate’
  • safe solution for use on all surfaces
  • commercial, industrial, aviation use
  • competitively priced, user-friendly
  • require no respirator or hazardous training
  • easy to apply, easy to rinse, residue free
  • will not harm equipment, landscaping, or contaminate ground water
  • prevent corrosion by working safely and effectively on all metals
  • compatible with oil / water separators and wastewater treatment systems
  • non-combustible / cheaper to ship, easier to store, safer to use
  • none of the hassles or expenses associated with hazardous materials

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What's So Great

Where do we start? We don’t want to brag, but we’re proud of our AEROGREEN products. Their superior performance, outstanding quality, along with our on-going commitment to cleaning up the environment makes us very proud. 

For all of us at Hi-Lite Solutions it isn’t just about a paycheck and how much vacation we get each year. We all firmly believe that by producing environmentally preferred, water-based, user-friendly cleaners and degreasers, that actually work as well as toxic solvents, we’re doing our part for Mother Nature. We’re not just protecting the environment, we’re also protecting the hard working men and women that need to use industrial strength cleaning products to do their jobs. It’s very meaningful to us that we can offer a viable, safe alternative to hazardous solvents that have been wrecking havoc on the planet, and the people that use them, for decades. Our planet is in peril, and that’s a problem we all need to address. The Hi-Lite Solutions team is proud that we’re not part of the problem…we’re part of the solution.

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